KU Recycling Overview

Campus view looking toward Fraser Hall with green recycle logo superimposed.

Single Stream System

KU Recycling assists the campus community in developing and implementing waste reduction and recycling programs. KU Recycling staff strive to make a positive impact on campus through service performance and efforts to encourage waste reduction and recycling.

After Custodial Staff remove recyclables from nearly 1,000 individual recycling bins in campus buildings, our Technicians collect from outdoor locations at over 95 buildings. The majority of buildings are serviced once a week, with some higher traffic locations visited twice a week or even daily. All buildings on campus utilize a "single stream" system where all recyclable materials can go in one bin. In addition, many buildings have a container for cardboard located outside by the dumpster area that is serviced on a regular basis.

Campus Recycling

KU Recycling provides recycling services across the Lawrence campus.