Bike Safety & Security

Illustration of person on bike showing left turn, right tight turn, alternate right turn and stop hand gestures.

Bicycle safety is important at the University of Kansas. Do the following to protect yourself and pedestrians when you are riding on campus and around the community: 

Wear a helmet: Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle can reduce your chance of a serious head injury by 85%.

Follow traffic laws: Bicycles are at home on the road and are thus considered vehicles. You are therefore not exempt from following traffic laws. 

Be seen: When riding behind vehicles, avoid blind spots and make sure drivers can see you in their mirrors. When bicycling at night light up! Traffic laws state that cyclists must have a white front light visible from at least 500 feet and a red rear reflector and/or light.

Be clear: Use the hand signals in the picture above to let motorists know your intentions on the road. 

Be pedestrian friendly: While cycling is allows on sidewalks (except in Downtown Lawrence), remember that sidewalks are designed for pedestrians. Ride slowly and carefully on sidewalks, and give pedestrians the right of way.  

Securing Your Bike

While KU's campus is generally a safe environment, it is always important to take the necessary precautions and properly lock up your bike. You can help prevent bicycle theft by following these tips:

1. Lock it Up

Always lock your bike, no matter how quickly you plan on returning.

Be sure to lock it where it is meant to be locked. Do not lock it to a tree or a railing. The latter presents a tripping hazard and interferes with ADA access. There are bike racks across campus. Our interactive map will help you find the one closest to you (select "Bike Rack/Bike Repair Station" in the map legend).

2. Use the Right Lock

Of those 40 bike thefts a year, less than 1% involved a U-lock! In the majority of reported thefts, the bike was either not locked, or the rider used a cable lock. Cable locks can be cut with relative ease and should not be used alone to lock a bike. They can be paired with a U-lock for added security.

Image of U-Lock and Cable Lock, with a universial NO sign around the cable lock


‚Äč3. Lock it Correctly

GOOD: Secure a U-lock around the rack, bike frame and wheel, if possible.

Image of bike attached to rack with a U-lock


BETTER: U-lock secured around rack, bike frame and wheel. Plus, cable lock thread through both wheels for added security.  

Image of bicycle attached to rack with U-lock and cable lock


4. Register

Register your bicycle with the Lawrence Police Department. This can help law enforcement officials recover your bike if stolen. To register, locate your bike's serial number and take it to the Law Enforcement Center at 11th and New Hampshire.

Abandoned Bikes

Each year 50-100 bicycles are abandoned on the KU campus. In accordance with KU policy, bikes left at racks on Student Housing property will be removed beginning on the Tuesday following Commencement. Bikes left at racks throughout the rest of campus will be tagged with a note to the owner to move the bike within seven days, after which time the bike will be removed.

All collected bicycles will be documented and stored for a minimum of 60 days, during which the owner can claim them. After the minimum 60 day hold, remaining bikes will be donated according to the Surplus Property Policy.

To reclaim or inquire about an abandoned bike, contact Facilities Services at or 785-864-4770.

View the full Procedures for Removal of Abandoned Bicycles.