Biking at KU

Student on a bike riding along Jayhawk Blvd. with tulips in the foreground.

Bike for Fun or Transportation

A bicycle is a great way to get around campus and around town — whether for recreation, entertainment or daily transportation. When combined with KU on Wheels and Lawrence Transit, you can get to nearly any destination in Lawrence.

Compact, sustainable, and good for your health, bicycles provide benefits that greatly exceed the cost of the infrastructure they require. As space becomes limited and traffic increases on and around campus, bicycles may become a more frequently chosen mode of transportation for many people commuting to and traveling on campus.

In addition to fun and recreation, bicycling is a great option for daily commute to classes or work, whether you live on campus, nearby or across town. Commuting to campus means free parking with no circling the lot looking for an open spot. And, biking provides health benefits, as well.

KU and Lawrence strive to be bike-friendly communities, both for recreational riders and for bike commuters.

Bicycle Advisory Committee

The KU Bicycle Advisory Committee (KUBAC) is made up of students, staff and faculty who have a vested interest in improving bikeability of campus and the Lawrence area.

Goals of KUBAC include:

  • Promote bicycling as a mode of transportation and a form of recreation and exercise, to help develop a bike culture on the KU Lawrence Campus.
  • Educate the campus community, including motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, on bicycle safety and etiquette.
  • Advise KU Operations on matters related to bicycle infrastructure in order to maintain and improve a physical environment that encourages biking and multi-modal transportation.